Place in the world, for now.

This week’s photo challenge prompt is place in the world. The message talks about how cities can make you feel small walking through the streets that are lined with tall buildings. I can relate, somewhat, having grown up an a capital city, but not to the extent of a huge city, like New York, for example, as I have never been.

For me, that reminder of just how small I am comes fairly regularly at the moment, living on an island in the Canaries.

The climate here is similar to what I grew up with, to the extent where some plants from my childhood suddenly pop up on the side of the road and make my day. The size of Tenerife means that you could do a lap of the island in about 3 hours with a couple of quick stops for photos. Yet it’s so open and feels so vast. The open skies, the landscape that ranges from arid to tropical, to what I can only describe as lunar, the sea, a volcano…

I’m new here, and haven’t quite settled in yet. Learning the local language is helping with that, and as I start to call this home, I acknowledge that this is my place in the world right now. And I’m looking forward to exploring it more over the summer months.

Blue skies!
TF1, Cho
Mt Teide National Park 
TF1, Torviscas
Playa Paraiso at sunset

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